The Second Main Villain In The Batman May Have Been Revealed

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Even though the second main villain in The Batman may have been revealed, there’s probably a bit of trickery going on. Matt Reeves The Batman - not starring Ben Affleck - Ben Affleck is out as Batman - will supposedly feature two villains. The Penguin is the villain in The Batman, as go to the rumors. But according to a We’ve Got This Covered Batman report, the second villain will be The Brain.

Who? You ask, is The Brain? Well… there was a villain called The Brain, who was in the Secret Society of Super Villains and battled the Doom Patrol, among others. But The Brain might be a ruse - or rather a riddle - to who the real villain is. The Riddler will be in The Batman, according to the report, and is actually The Brain. This makes sense, as the Riddler plays himself up as Batman’s smartest adversary, and in the Batman Arkham games The Riddler constantly plays up how smart he is. So in a way the canon makes sense. The Batman is a noir detective type story, according to reports, so more grounded villains like The Penguin and The Riddler make sense.

There haven’t been any casting rumors yet for “The Brain” but if it’s a big name you can pretty much guarantee that the character is a ruse and it will indeed be The Riddler. The Batman won’t hit theaters for another 2 years - 2021 is The Batman’s release date - and who knows what state the DCEU will be in by then. It seems like only Jason Mamoa and Gal Gadot will remain from the original run.

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