Graphic: Vietnam Wild Food - Rice Field MOUSE RAT - Cooking MOUSE In Vietnam

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Viewer discretion is advised. This food is a delicacy in Vietnam but may be disturbing to some viewers. @Vietnam street food is interesting to discover. Having lived in Vietnam for 2 years, this is the first time I have had a chance to eat mouse (rice field mouse) or rat in my life. Thanks Vietnam for that. Cooking mouse in Vietnam is a time consuming process. After spending hours catching mouse in rice fields, the cook and his staffs spent one hour cleaning and another hour cooking mouse. The mouse is cleaned from its head to internal organs except the liver, skin, excretory organs and glands in its rear legs. The step must be done very carefully; otherwise the meat would have bad smell. The Vietnam mouse street food is hard to get. Edible mouse, mice or rats in Vietnam are only available from October to March of the lunar calendar, when it is the season field and mice go out searching for food so all of them become fat. From my eating experience, I can say mouse is delicious. Grilled BBQ mouse or grilled rat in Vietnam tastes like pigeon but less smelly and more texture. Steamed or boiled mouse is more like ham. Overall, wonderful vietnam rat meat!
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